• Tori Stackhouse

With a Heart of Thanksgiving

Can you believe that it’s almost Thanksgiving already? What a year it has been. I won’t take the time to list all that has shaken up our world. You’re already well aware of that. I challenge everyone today, myself included, to put your hope in God. Let’s shift our perspectives. As difficult as it may seem, try to find at least one thing each day this week to be grateful for. Just one thing each day. It could be something as simple as being able to feel the crisp fall air on your skin. Maybe this year has felt like a long restless night for you. Know that God is still here. After a season of mourning, there is indeed a bright and joyous morning ahead of us. I send love and light to you all. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Always in my prayers,



There's a little keepsake for you below. Save it, screenshot-whatever works for you! I hope that it encourages you in this season.

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