• Tori Stackhouse

Non-Dairy Must Have

I'm decreasing the amount of dairy that I consume for many reasons. In the process of doing that I'm constantly searching for and trying various non-dairy alternatives. Along the way I found this Non-Dairy Chobani. I love it and a lot of other people love it too (the plain one was sold out at my local market). When I try non-dairy milk, yogurt, and creamers I don't like them in flavors such as vanilla. I want them as close to the original dairy product as possible.

Now back to the Chobani.

It's a winner for me because it had the least amount of sugar compared to other non-dairy yogurt options that I searched for (i.e. So Delicious and Silk). The texture is still great. Not exactly the same as the original Chobani, but it's still thick. Lastly, although it's a coconut based yogurt, I don't feel like I have coconut flavored yogurt. Again, I want the taste as close to plain dairy yogurt as possible.

For my people in search of a non-dairy yogurt I highly recommend this one.

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