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Top Ten Reasons to Love Christmas TV Movies

Updated: Apr 8

Top Ten Reasons to Love Christmas TV Movies

From Hallmark to TVOne, I’m a fan of Christmas TV movies. They're such a warm and fuzzy feel-good guilty pleasure. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy this list!

10. Hot Chocolate & Holiday Coffee Drinks

Every movie has plenty of hot chocolate! In some movies they say hot cocoa too. Anyway, it’s a hot sweet chocolatey treat. The lead character usually has some type of signature holiday latte that they can only get from their hometown coffee shop. Peppermint Mocha Latte or Misty's Limited Edition Gingerbread French Vanilla Cappuccino? Decisions. Decisions.

9.The Town Names

One of the movies actually has a town named Christmas Town. There's another town called Evergreen. There are so many movies that have a town with a Christmas themed name. A minor detail, a cheesy one-and yet it is one of things that make these movies great.

8.Calories? Schmalories!

Everyone eats lots of cookies, and other Christmas desserts. There’s usually an elderly neighbor who owns a diner that has the best pancakes or french toast- there’s just so much food. The best part is that no one ever gains weight from all of this food. Why? Because it’s a movie!

7.The Crisis

There is always some type of crisis that threatens to ruin Christmas. Mayor McDougal announces that the town doesn’t have the funds for their annual Christmas festival. Amy has to defeat her childhood nemesis in the 41st Annual Christmas Cookie Contest. Garland County High School is about to lose their music program. Mr. and Mrs. Walton are about to lose their one-of-a-kind vintage Christmas cards and ornaments store. Last, but certainly not least- some big company from New York wants to buy up all of the property in the small town’s business district and convert them to trendy condos. The possibilities are endless. Without these plots, it wouldn’t be a Christmas TV movie.

6.The Snow Is There and Not There

The snow may cause the trendy city professional to get stuck in their small country hometown through Christmas, but there are other moments in the movie, when it’s as if the snow doesn’t exist. There may be snow on the ground and a woman is quickly walking down a slippery cobblestone pathway in heels without any problems. Characters can stay outside for hours with just a light sweater or thin coat (although there are other scenes with beautiful winter coats). This is just a little quirk that I noticed.

5. Celebrities from Your Childhood

While I love some of the key Christmas TV movie players such as Lacey Chabert and Rukiya Bernard, who have been holding down the fort for quite some time, I’m also excited about seeing some of the stars from the shows I grew up with. Always a nice surprise!

4.The Cinderella-esque Entrance at the Christmas Party

Almost every movie has a moment when the female lead enters the Christmas party in a dazzling dress and wows the crowd or-at least her fiancé to be.

3. The Dream Job

This is one of my favorite parts of these movies. The main characters end up with their dream jobs by the end of the movie. Peyton knew that she wanted to be an artist since she was five years old, but felt pressured by her family to become a lawyer- well guess what? Peyton has a thriving art gallery by the end of the movie. It’s just that simple in these movies.

2. Engaged or Married by Christmas

Being the romantic that I am, I love this part of these movies. There is usually an engagement or marriage by Christmas, or by the end of the movie. Come on- who doesn’t love that?

1. The Romance

Last, but certainly not least, overall I love the romance in these movies. Maybe you guessed that from reason number two. I love the predictable romantic storylines in TV Christmas movies. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. They don’t get along at first. One is from the fast paced big city and one is from the easy going country life. Sometimes they throw in a royal surprise and one of them is an heir to the throne and the other a mere “commoner”. Maybe there’s a theme from Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Whatever the case, the lead characters begin to fall in love. Shortly after the romantic montage there’s a big misunderstanding that tears them apart, but they always get back together by the end of the movie. It’s the same thing each and every time- but I love it.

And that’s a sparkly red, gold and green wrap! What are some of your favorite Christmas TV movies?

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