E'rybody Say Lo-Lo! (Lo-Lo)

Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Las Vegas, Nevada

This place did not disappoint! I went to the location in Las Vegas a few years ago. It was my first time at Lo-Lo's and now it's one of my favorite spots. I ordered the Lil Amadi from Lo-Lo’s Hood Classics on the menu. I’m not making up these names either. You can check it out for yourself. Back to the food. I enjoyed two crispy and juicy chicken thighs with a waffle that had a nice hint of cinnamon flavor. The waffle was thin, but with just enough fluff. This was a win for the sweet and savory factor. The hospitality was great too. I was with a large group and our food was taking longer than expected so they surprised our table with wings during our wait. Great service. Great food. This is why they’ve made it to the coveted (by whom, I’m not quite so sure yet), Tori Unscripted Chicken and Waffles Gallery.

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