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The Cycle Survival Kit

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The Cycle Survival Kit

*Disclaimer: I am a Decalo Ambassador. While this post contains links to Decalo and/or Bellytox, all opinions are my own. Know that I believe in integrity and only stand by what has personally helped me. Also, I am not a medical professional. Always consult a medical professional when making decisions about your health.

Ladies, let’s face it- that time of the month can be a total monster. Your body becomes a two-faced backstabbing frenemy. Like, “sis, why are you doing this?”. After years of pain, fatigue and so much more, I finally found some things that make my cycle more bearable.

I hope that some of these things work for you as well. I give you my Cycle Survival Kit.

Handy Dandy App! (Shoutout to Blues Clues)

I can usually feel it when my cycle is on the way, but I like the reminders from an app as well. Why? I can make sure that I have everything that I need before the cycle begins. You can use whatever period tracker app works for you.

Cookie Oil by Bellytox

This is amazing! No, it doesn’t smell like cookies, but it has been a game-changer for the cramps that I typically have. It’s all-natural and it works for relieving other aches and pains too (i.e. muscle pain etc.). I usually only need it once a day. I get mine from Decalo at their weight loss center (not online).

Oldie, but Goodie- Heat

Heat. Yes, heat. Yes, grandma and them had it right. There are all kinds of heating pads. Choose what’s best for you. I like the bean bag heating pad. While the cramps may go away, sometimes I just feel this internal soreness. That’s when I like to apply a heating pad.

So Fresh and So Clean

I like a natural feminine wash that is free of harsh chemicals and on the go cleansing wipes. It feels good to feel good.


Yes, yet another recommendation and a reminder to drink water. Stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause you to feel tired. If you tend to have breakouts during your cycle, once again water can be a good aide as well. It’s cleansing.

Vitamin B-12 Patch by Bellytox

This has been a huge help in combating the fatigue that I normally experience during my cycle. You can wear it for up to ten hours. Pop it on your arm, or your hip- you decide. What I love about this is that it’s natural and it doesn’t leave me feeling jittery. You can get yours from Decalo.


I’ve found that even a short 15-minute walk gives a nice energy boost when I feel sluggish. I typically give up on exercise all together during my cycle, but lately, I’ve committed to walking and it’s helped. My body doesn’t ache as much and again, I shake off the stress and fatigue. If you’re someone who can continue with your normal exercise regimen, then power to you! Do that. However, if you’re like me- try a short walk. Do more if you can.

Lower back stretching

I typically sit at a desk most of the day, so I try my best to do stretches for my lower back after work. I’ve found that these are very helpful to me during that good ole “time of the month” as well. I like to do them in the evening. Just about 5 to 10 minutes worth of stretching. I may play some calming worship music by my favorite Christian artist or the sound of ocean waves. My lower back muscles seem more sensitive during this time, so stretching is very helpful.


I also like to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea in the evening. I like Bellytox Detox PM tea or other herbal teas such as Moroccan Mint. Hot tea just feels like a nice little massage for the body.


I love chocolate and I crave it the most during this time. Sometimes I do crave other things like pizza or fried chicken. If you’ve been keeping up with my wellness journey, then you know that I can’t afford to go crazy on the treats. My eating during this time has actually messed up my fitness goals many times. After many ups and downs, I’ve finally learned to allow myself to indulge in one thing during this time. Not 3 cheat meals a day, but one treat throughout this time like dark chocolate truffles. Find that one thing that you like and enjoy it, throughout the duration of this time (not all in one day; trust me- I’ve done that too).

Let me hear from you! Go to the post below on Instagram (@toriunscripted) or Facebook (@toriunscripted) and let me know if any of these things are helpful to you. What else works for you? Let me know!

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