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Can I be Real a Second?

Updated: Apr 8

“Can I be real a second? For just a millisecond?”

“Right Hand Man” from Hamilton.

With weight loss, there comes a point in time when we just have to do the work.

We have to do it. We have to buckle down, crackdown, level up- whatever you want to call it- be active. We may have a personal trainer, a great doctor, excellent nutritionist, a health coach, life coach and accountability partners. They make up a wonderful support system. We can read all of the self-help books, listen to uplifting podcasts and motivational speeches, but somewhere in there we have to finally make better choices for our health. I keep saying, we, because I am included in this.

Here is a confession that I’m not proud of.

Last year I went to a weight loss center. Others who have gone there lost about a 100 pounds in a year. I lost some weight. This was weight that was a struggle for me to lose for so long, so I am grateful for that. However, within a year I’ve only hit my quarterly goal. Yes, this place has meal plans, detox teas, things to help suppress your appetite and so much more, but I didn’t remain consistent with doing my part. Prior to them I was in online support groups. I was speaking with a health coach through a work program. I read this article, and that book. I would follow the social media accounts of personal trainers and different people who lost weight for motivation. I was on this quest for uncovering some sort of mystical secret that would finally help me shed all of the pounds. Now, I didn’t walk around saying that. As, a matter of fact, this was merely a subconscious belief. I knew that I had to put in the work for the results that I wanted, and yet I still kept searching for “something” to finally force me to make good choices for my health.

Finally, I had a real moment of reflection and honesty with myself. What have I done to cause the results that I have now? What should I continue to do? What should I stop doing? What works for me? What doesn’t work for me? What’s a challenge to me?

Now, here I am again. Round number 5,172, I believe. With years worth of starting and stopping. Getting up and falling down. I’m back again to continue the quest for better health.

There is something big that I’m doing differently this time too.

I can do this. You can do this. We can do this.

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